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Time Keeping

The host is responsible for time keeping and sequencing.

Master Clock
The master clock is a tick counter that can be used for tagging sample frames. It never stops - it is independent of the sequencer transport and/or musical time.

Global System clock
The GMPI specs refer to OpenML and their UST clock: UST - Unadjusted System Time - time reference for software and devices - 64-bit monotonic counter with nanosecond resolution, microsecond system-wide accuracy.

Musical Time clock
Tempo and Meter are managed by the Musical Time clock. This clock is synced to the Sequencer Transport and can jump forward or backward due to loops in the sequencer or user actions in the host.

Midi Time clock
Midi Time is a specialized Musical Time clock but geared towards Midi. TBD/TODO

A conversion of the Musical Time clock.

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